Every business whether it is a startup or a profitable business, tries to find new ways to collect more and more leads, to sell their product and services. But many times when they get a good number of leads they do not have enough capacity to entertain them due to large simultaneous calls, they are getting on their traditional phone lines.

MissDial not only solves this problem, but also stores the database of leads which can be further re-targetted. With MissDial you get a unique number which you can use on your various marketing tools and platforms. MissDial can even measure ROI of your various promotional campaigns and mediums.

Generally promotion boosts the call flow for some time on your business phone, and many times unknowingly you missed few calls which could become a paying customer for your business.

Your prospects call on unique MissDial number and the call gets automatically disconnected just after one ring, and the caller gets an immediate automated sms, for eg. “your query has been registered and one of our executive will get back to you shortly”.

Capturing leads has never been so easy than before. You can promote your MissDial number anywhere you want including SMS, Emailers, Social Media, Blogs, Google Adwords, etc.