MissDial is a service offered by Cozy Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that comprises of a unique blend of analytics, customer management, and sales to simplify various facets of promotional campaigns of e-commerce companies. E-commerce depends heavily on marketing and promotional campaigns for rapid expansion, and hence these two concepts are an essential part of the business strategy of an e-commerce company. Though marketing campaigns can take place through various channels, mobile technology has provided limitless scope for an e-commerce venture to promote its features and connect consumers to its business.

Expansion and stability of an e-commerce business depends largely on its consumer base. With e-commerce businesses increasing their scope of operations, the focus has shifted upon keeping pace with changing consumer choices, with three factors playing a central role. These are:

• Customer Engagement
• Customer Retention
• Customer Inclusion

MissDial to Engage Customers

Customer activity is an essential part of an e-commerce business. Promotional coupons and offers serve as an important factor towards increasing customer engagement. Through MissDial, business owners can provide an impetus to their customer engagement strategy by delivering personalized coupons based on customer preferences. This feature helps in building a large customer base for e-commerce businesses by seeking to reach out to customers of various segments.

MissDial also makes certain that the usage of coupons is monitored on a granular level through its integrated dashboard providing real-time data, which helps to ensure that business owners get accurate information to gauge the effectiveness of their promotional activities.

Along with monitoring and distribution, MissDial also provides flexibility to the business owner to upload bulk coupons, which helps to simplify coupon related operations pertaining to a larger customer base. Combined with its integrated analytics, e-commerce business can gain valuable insight into customer habits, and tailor their promotional campaigns to evolve with changing trends.

MissDial to Retain Customers

E-commerce business utilize a significant amount of resources to ensure that a customer can be provided with the best possible services, so as to minimize customer attrition. To refine an e-commerce portal’s underlying processes to ensure customer loyalty, MissDial offers a seamless integration with its APIs and services, so that business owners are able to monitor and customize promotional campaigns.

Return on Investment is an important factor for measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies. MissDial offers an integrated ROI tool in which business owners can compare information on various websites for offers. This helps e-commerce businesses to refine their customer engagement strategies based on real-time data. It also allows comparison between different promotional channels, which helps businesses to extend their campaigns through various mediums, and formulate rapidly evolving marketing strategies with changing consumer needs.

MissDial to include new Customers

Adding new users to its business is an important part of an e-commerce business’s growth strategy. Customer inclusion strategies can entail a lot of administrational load for an e-commerce business as the targeted campaigns depend on several dynamic factors such as ROI, user preferences, and customer segments. MissDial provides business owners with the flexibility to customize offers to suit specific customer segments. This helps e-commerce businesses in developing an efficient approach towards targeting new customers.

With simplified coupon distribution and analytics, along with bulk upload of coupons, and offer duration management, MissDial leverages its integrated CRM for e-commerce businesses to align their resources with precision, and reduce underlying overhead, whilst maintaining the growth of its customer base by targeting new customers through multiple promotional campaigns managed concurrently through MissDial.

Through MissDial’s intuitive interface, business owners are provided with actionable analytics and its associated controls in order to create and manage scalable and flexible marketing campaigns. In addition to the aforementioned features, MissDial provides its users with features such as SMS notifications and alerts, configuration of API based triggers, location reports of subscribed users and marketing analysis, to provide e-commerce businesses with a comprehensive CRM and analytics solution. With mobile-based promotional campaigns being an important facet of an e-commerce venture, MissDial, as a service, would be quite effective in simplifying its operational and administrative aspects, and thereby helping the business achieve its full potential.