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Call forwarding or call divert is a call management service of telephony feature which redirects a call to another destination – be it another mobile number, landline number within your circle or even voice mailbox number which acts as your personal assistant.

Charges: You will not be charged for activation or deactivation of this service. Only the call diverted will be charged as a separate outgoing call based on your tariff plan. Normal local call charges apply only when a call is forwarded/diverted and answered.

Activation/Deactivation: Activation with different conditional clauses and deactivation  can be performed using inbuilt handset settings or by using specified feature codes provided by your respective operator via USSD request followed by call key. So,even if your device doesn’t have settings to enable this service provided by operators, you can contact respective operator’s customer care to get the service request code for activation/deactivation of this service via USSD.

*What can call divert/forward conditions be:

Forward All Calls – Forwards all calls unconditionally
Forward If Busy – Forwards calls if your number is busy
Forward If Not Reachable – Forwards calls if out of coverage area or not reachable
Forward If No Reply – Forwards calls if you are not responding to a call after selective time duration

Divert ConditionActivateDe-activateCheck Status
All Calls* * 21 * NUMBER ## # 21 #* # 21 #
No Answer* * 61 * NUMBER ## # 61 #* # 61 #
Unreachable* * 62 * NUMBER ## # 62 #* # 62 #
Busy* * 67 * NUMBER ## # 67 #* # 67 #

To Cancel All Call Forwarding # # 002 #