Are you looking for best missed call service provider in India? We are a well established name in this field – MissDial. MissDial’s missed call service  as a platform comprises of a unique analytical, customer management tools to simplify managing your promotional campaigns and events. We specifically cater SME and Enterprise segment companies. MissDial is a leading missed call service provider in India, headquartered in Delhi.

MissDial is purely made in India, focusing on Indian Companies. MissDial missed call service not only helps you collect leads but also helps in organising it in a systematic manner round the clock. You can call it a bot, which works even when you are asleep, or busy with personal stuff. Whether it is collecting leads, capturing feedback, voting, etc. MissDial fits every aspect of marketing and promotional activities through its unique miss call analytic service, MissDial fits all these aspects of business activities.

How does missed call service works?

To be simple MissDial converts all call coming to a number into missed call, let it be a 10 digit number or a toll free number into a missed call and sends an automated sms or voice call to the caller acknowledging the missed call. This data is further analysed by marketing experts to forecast their sales, evaluate customers engagement, etc.

What are the benefits of using missed call service?

Companies uses missed call service for various purposes including customer engagement retention, inclusion and many more. Missed call service not only solves this basic problem, but also stores this database which can be further re-targetted. With MissDial’s missed call service you get a unique number which you can use on your various marketing tools and platforms. MissDial can also help you measure ROI of your various promotional campaigns and mediums. We being a customer has a tendency not willing to spent even a penny at least in enquiring about a product or service. Now with MissDial’s missed call service Customer has to just give  a missed call to a particular number, and in response he gets a call back from the concerned team explaining him/her about the product or service, and guiding him to the onboarding process.