MissDial – a leading 1800 miss call service provider in India, comprising of a unique blend of analytics, customer management, and a lead generation tactic simplifying various facets of promotional campaigns for SME and Enterprise segment companies.

1800 miss call service having main advantage that caller can even give a miss call with zero balance. It is most suitable for election campaigns or for the campaigns targeting lower income segments like students, or general public.

1800 miss call service also reduces the chances of fraud or spoofed(automated) calls being made to your miss call number. There had been various cases when people try to use the missed call service and make automated calls to the miss call number just to increase the number of calls for personal use. With 1800 miss call service it is not possible for bots or software’s to make call to this number, thus using it for survey or voting gives a more authentic result.

There is still a major audience who is unaware of this service, who feels that they may be charged if the person at the other end picks up the call, which actually never happens. To overcome this psychology companies may use 1800 miss call service, so that the other person feels that the number is actually toll free. Though this is just a psychology hack, even a ten digit miss call number is toll free.

Most of the people here in India are very price conscious and tries to save every penny, the same applies when they make a phone call, many people give miss call to their parents/boss or colleagues expecting a call back in response, with miss call service the same happens, the call gets disconnected automatically and user gets a response sms or call in return, thus levying no charge to the customer.

In India, most people today are aware of toll free number, that it is not charged, one of the main reason is its name, i.e. Toll(charge) free. Also, a unique different number pattern i.e. 1800 also makes it unique, and easy to remember for the customer, making it a brand identity, and increases the customer engagement and brand loyalty. 1800 number shows that brand cares for their customer and do not want their customers spend anything to reach them.

1800 miss call service also creates a strong brand presence over the competition eventually more leads, i.e. more business. When using a 1800 miss call service one can expect 40%-50% higher response rate than a normal ten digit miss call service.