Best missed call service provider for election campaigns in India

MissDial – a miss call service platform is a service offered by Cozy Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that comprises of a unique blend of analytics, customer management, and sales to simplify various facets of promotional campaigns for SME and Enterprise segment companies. MissDial is a leading missed call service provider in India.

MissDial has worked with almost all major political parties in the past, and has helped them to collect data for their constituency with just a missed call. Fan’s are always interested in knowing more and more about their idols. With increase in use of social media it is now much easier to know, follow and get latest updates on what’s happening in the life of others, but there is a large group of people which are still not covered by social media. There comes the MissDial, a unique platform that collects data via missed call and represent it graphically, it uses normal phone to follow any leader, or artist. People have to just give a miss call to a number and they get registered for updates from their leaders.

Leaders in turn get to know their exact fan following, and use this data time to time to send updates to their fans and followers.

To be simple and precise MissDial simply converts any call coming to a number let it be a 10 digit number or a toll free number into a missed call and sends an automated sms or call to the caller acknowledging the missed call. Miss call service can be used for various purposes including customer engagement retention, inclusion and many more.

MissDial missed call service for political parties

Political parties can use a missed call number in their political campaigns like on facebook, posters and even road shows, they just need to publish a missed call number on their print/digital advertisements, this not even will help them calculate the reach of their advertisement, but also helps them to collect database of the viewers.

Today in this digital era election campaigns are also getting digitised and missed call service is another invention of this digitisation.

Parties can also add a auto sms in response to the missed call, that asks user to send their details like name, pincode and address to complete their registration with their party. This will give a more deeper insight analytics.

Miss call service is used heavily by BJP that some people call it missed call party. Even today one can easily listen to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mann ki baat by just giving a missed call.

MissDial miss call service to know views of public

There are several occasions, when parties may feel whether their idea would be accepted by public or not, they can use miss call survey for this before actually implementing the idea, one of those ideas was odd even implementation in delhi. Party can create a poll with miss call service and can know the exact number of supporters and the ones who are not ready for this change. This will not only save their cost in long run, but the users will also come to know that their opinion matters towards developing the nation.

Missed call service has proven its potential in past years and has taken a key place in election campaigns, more over miss call number also represents a brand image of the party.