Most businesses depends heavily on marketing and promotional campaigns for rapid expansion, and hence these two concepts are an essential part of the business strategy of most companies. Though marketing campaigns can take place through various channels, mobile technology has provided limitless scope for ventures to promote its features and connect consumers to its business.

To be simple and precise MissDial simply converts any call coming to a number let it be a 10 digit number or a toll free number into a missed call and sends an automated sms or email to the caller acknowledging the missed call. Miss call service can be used for various purposes including customer engagement retention, inclusion and many more.

MissDial missed call service to Engage Customers
Brands can use MissDial to engage existing customers, by asking feedback of their product, that too with just a missed call. Let us take an example where a restaurant asks their guest after service catered by their staff to give a missed call to 4001 if they are happy with the service or give a miss call to 4002 if the service was not upto their expectations.

But what can the restaurant really do with this data?
For Happy Customers: Restaurant can send various discounts and offers to their happy customers, making a strong brand image and attract the customer to visit them again and again.
For Unhappy Customers: Restaurant can and should speak to the customer to ask them really what made them unhappy, this will make the restaurant understand the shortfalls of their system, and can improve those areas with time.

MissDial missed call service to Retain Customers
Brands can ask their customers at the time of billing to give a miss call to a particular number to get extra discount. Brands get the verified data of their customer, and can use the same data to retain the customer by informing about latest promos and offers, they have. Our miss call service even has very friendly API’s through which it can be integrated to most of the BI tools, like google analytics, mixpanel, etc.

MissDial missed call service to include new Customers
Every business whether it is a startup or a profitable business, tries to find new ways to collect more and more leads, to sell their product and services. But many times when they get a good number of leads they do not have enough capacity to entertain them due to large simultaneous calls, they are getting on their traditional phone lines.
Miss call service not only solves this problem, but also stores the database of leads which can be further re-targetted. With our miss call service you get a unique number which you can use on your various marketing tools and platforms. Our miss call service platform can even measure ROI of your various promotional campaigns and mediums.
Generally promotion boosts the call flow for some time on your business phone, and many times unknowingly you missed few calls which could become a paying customer for your business.

Your prospects call on unique miss call number or a toll free number and the call gets automatically disconnected just after one ring, and the caller gets an immediate automated sms, for eg. “your query has been registered and one of our executive will get back to you shortly”.
Capturing leads has never been so easy than before. You can promote your miss call number anywhere you want including SMS, Emailers, Social Media, Blogs, Google Adwords, etc.