MissDial – a leading missed call service platform powered by Cozy Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that comprising of a unique blend of analytics, customer management, and sales to simplify various facets of promotional campaigns for SME and Enterprise segment companies.

Missed call service being one of the most efficient and cost effective solution, used by businesses and brands to promote their products and services. The solution doesn’t cost a single penny to the caller yet is capable capturing user’s response, generate leads and other customer engagements.

With missed call service company has to promote only a single miss call number, and can generate the leads through various promotional mediums like google adwords, facebook advertising, print medium, sms, email, etc. and can then distribute the leads among multiple or all their sales team, even tracking various promotional mediums is also possible with missed call service.

Missed call service has always surprised brands with its results, as brands have never expected such a huge customer response, in such a short span of time. Greater the engagement, indicates more business opportunities.

When running a promotional campaign, generally businesses loses 20% leads due to lack of call handling capacity, with MissDial’s cloud based solution, you need not to worry for scalability, as MissDial can handle any number of your calls. MissDial is serving clients of all size and diverse used cases, gratifying their business needs complimenting their revenue. With missed call service you can be assured that your promotional activities are being handled smoothly.

The best part is the customer gets an immediate response to their missed call either through a sms or an automated call, acknowledging their missed call. Later the sales team can call him/her to know the complete requirement of the client, making a first step towards a successful sales.

MissDial can even integrate with your existing sales CRM or analytics tool, making it more familiar to use. Capturing leads could never be so simple without MissDial.