What is missed call service?

What is missed call service?

Missed call service is a medium to capture communication by phone users in response to digital or non-digital ads.

Missed call service can also make this session interactive, by originating a sms, call or an automated ivr, with the customer giving missed call.

MissDial is a leading missed call service provider in India offering miss call service platform that comprises of a unique blend of analytics, customer management, and sales to simplify various facets of promotional campaigns for SME and Enterprise segment companies.

How does a missed call service work?

When a phone user gives a missed call in response to a digital or non-digital ads, MissDial rejects the call after one ring and captures the caller information in real time, like caller number, date, time, location, operator, etc.

This information can also be push to your server in real time using our webhooks. Please refer [here] for more information on how to create trigger hook using MissDial Service.

Who can use missed call service?

Any individual or business can use MissDial services, missed call service is useful for many sectors depending on your requirements, few useful categories are listed below Restaurants

  • Lead Generation
  • Opt-In Subscription list Building
  • Mobile Number Verification
  • Forget / Retrieve Password
  • Support Sales
  • Opinion Poll
  • Survey / Feedback

How does a missed number look like?

A missed call number can be a 10 digit number(mobile number), landline number, 1800 number(toll free), or a ** number(star star number). It totally depends on your requirement which one to opt for. Though service remains same for all of the above options.